Strategies for People with Seasonal Allergies

Almost every visit to the doctor results in his advising some tests for you. No matter what has been prescribed, the Clinical Chemistry Department is well equipped to run them for you and analyze any kind of body fluid chemical content for correct diagnosis and consequent treatment.

The MedicPress Medical Laboratory has built a formidable reputation for accurately and efficiently providing test results. Some of its specialties include Hematology, microbiology, urinalysis, chemistry, phlebotomy, serology, point-of-care testing, etc.

The company is run by an exemplary team of a collection of samples not only for the hospital patients but also for residents of Vail Colorado. One also has the privilege to walk in with a prior appointment and get the test done using the latest equipment and technique. Our services include providing containers for blood, urine and sputum samples; tuberculin testing; swear and breathe collection and even bleeding times. We are proud to boast of our Laboratory Department performing over two-million collection-related procedures every year. Instructions are also provided to patients to collect their samples in the right manner if required.

It generally takes us 24 to 48 hours to perform the tests and present the report to the patient or the concerned department to open the way for correct and timely treatment.

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